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Dual Credit

Dual credit is a system in which an eligible high school student successfully completes a college course(s) that is paired to a high school course required for graduation and receives credit for the course on both the college and the high school transcripts Texas Education Code (TEC) §28.009. TEA

Santa Anna offers the following dual credit courses through Cisco College:

EDUC 1300- Learning Framework

MUSI 1306- Music Appreciation

BUSI 1307- Personal Finance

BCIS 1305- Business Computer Applications

PSYC 2301- General Psychology

SPCH 1315-Public Speaking

ARTS 1301- Art Appreciation

ARTS 1303- Art History I

ENGL 1301- English Composition I

ENGL 1302- English Composition II

ENGL 2322- British Literature I

ENGL 2323- British Literature II

MATH 1314- College Algebra

MATH 1342- Elementary Statistics

ECON 2301- Principles of Macroeconomics 

BIOL 1406- Biology for Science Majors I

CHEM 1405- Introduction to Chemistry

HIST 1301-  US History to Reconstruction

HIST 1302- US History from Reconstruction 

GOVT 2305- Federal Government 

GOVT 2306- Texas Government