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Santa Anna Independent School District accounts for about one-fourth of Coleman County’s 1281 square miles, sharing the county’s boundary lines on the east and south.  Santa Anna’s first school was a one-room frame building.  By 1884, the first building was outgrown so it was enlarged, doubling its original 14’ x 14’ size. The school served as a meeting house, church, and community center as well as a school.  A new, larger frame structure was built on the same block in 1887 to accommodate the rapidly growing student body.

Santa Anna’s first stone school, consisting of four rooms –two on the first floor and two on the second floor, was built in 1890.  In 1904, six rooms were added to the structure for the burgeoning student body.  Around 1914, the Ward School was built next to the stone building, separating the lower grades from the older students.

The School campus has grown over the years.  A gym was purchased from Camp Bowie and disassembled, moved here and reassembled for use in 1948.  Another structure was bought from Camp Bowie at the same time to become a show barn for livestock and an agriculture classroom.

Major improvements amounting to about 1.2 million dollars in infrastructure were made to the high school in 2001-2005 and an equal amount to the elementary in 2006-2007. 

Currently, the old gym from Camp Bowie has been refurbished with a nice new floor. Our Ag mechanics building has been extended to create more welding booths, a plasma cutter, and space for large projects. The district has upgraded transportation, playground equipment, technology, safety measures, and a new bus barn with over 2.5 million dollars in grants.

Santa Anna ISD is an "A" rated school district as determined by the Texas Education Agency.


Monte guthrie,
Former SAISD Counselor
Local Historian

# Schools # Students Graduation Rate Student-Teacher Ratio Avg. Years Teacher Experience
2 250 100% 10:1 12