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Section 504 Services

Last Updated: 10/4/2021 2:16 PM

Useful forms and links for Section 504:

Child Find Notice

Notice of Rights and Procedural Safeguards for Disabled Students and Their Parents


Please contact Miss Fitzpatrick at 325.348.3136 ext. 240 or steffany.fitzpatrick@santaannaisd.net if you need assistance with section 504 services. 


Please also check individual teacher websites for resources that may help your student with their accommodations. 

Suggestions for Accommodations at home include: 

Oral Assistance/Oral Testing/Oral Assistance

  • Offer to send a recording of  yourself reading the assignment
  • Zoom meetings /Face Time to read the assignments
  • Videos of you reading the assignment
  • Websites that read books, or assignments aloud

Frequent Misspelled Word List

  • This should be sent home in packet or via email.

Extended Time

  • Allow students more time, an extra day, to complete an assignment
  • Send an example of how to break the work up into sections to complete over a time span instead of one sitting

Chunking Assignments

  • Manually divide packets up into sections/days
  • Post or email the student how to chunk online assignments

Modified Assignments

  • Modify all assignments just as you would in a classroom.  

Reduce Assignments

  • Only assign a necessary amount of work to determine if the concept is mastered

Note-taking Assistance

  • Post online notes
  • Take a picture of your notes and post or email to student
  • Send a copy home in packet of your notes

Reteach Difficult Concepts

  • Send home multiple examples or steps for students to understand in more than one way
  • Post multiple videos over the same concept for students to see in a variety of ways

Spelling Mistakes Allowed

  • Don’t count off for spelling

Supplemental Materials

  • Make copies to include in packets
  • Post on website for reference
  • Post multiple resources and links for students to use

Calculator & Manipulatives

  • Send home a calculator, post a link to a calculator similar to the ones at school
  • Send home manipulatives checked out to student
  • Post manipulative video or resources student may refer to


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